Intellectual property IP/ICT

Intellectual property – literary and artistic property on one hand, industrial property on the other– and information and communication technology are among Carler’s main areas of expertise, offering both consultancy and litigation in these areas.

Having acquired recognized expertise in these fields, the firm’s lawyers provide assistance to general managers, legal departments and IT departments across the entire range of IP/ICT related issues for a clientele that consists mainly of:

  • Businesses that have emerged from the digital and information systems economy; primarily software companies and IT service providers;
  • Companies that are users of information systems, working in sectors such as banking and finance, human resources, logistics and transport and retail.

Industrial property

Intangibles are today an integral part of business Assets and, therefore, a crucial element in their competiveness.

Carler assists its clients with the full range of issues relating to the protection and development of intangible assets and business identity:

  • Creative utilities: designs and models, patents, plant variety certificates
  • Business identity: branding, company names, and domain names

Literary and artistic property

Encompassing all exclusivity rights granted for intellectual creations to the author or to the beneficiary of an intellectual work, literary and artistic property, including copyright, software and related rights. The firm’s lawyers intervene more specifically in issues linked to:

  • Sale of rights contracts and licensing
  • Management of rights portfolios, publishers’ catalogues (e.g. books, audio-visual materials, music)

Information and communication technology law

Carler also has expertise in information and communication technology law. The firm handles the full range of issues relating to the creation and use of software and databases:

  • Negotiation and drafting of IT contracts: development, sale, licensing, distribution outsourcing, software maintenance
  • Combating piracy and compliance relating to software
  • The security of private networks, online services, protection and management of personal data, management and protection of domain names