Distribution, competition, contracts and international ligitation

The firm’s business law department handles all questions relating to overall business organization and State regulation, as well as the settlement of international commercial disputes.

The lawyers in this department specialize in European and international law relating to distribution (in all its forms: concessions, franchises, selective and approved distribution, licensing) and in the law of agency contracts both for industrial groups and retailers.

The team is also renowned for its expertise in product liability law, unfair competition and breach of established commercial relationships.

Listed industrial groups entrust the firm’s lawyers with rewriting their terms and conditions, overhauling their commercial co-operation agreements and their international agency contracts, including commercial agents, brokers, commission agents, sales representatives.

In addition, the firm has outstanding expertise in international distribution law: consumer products groups have entrusted Carler with the design and implementation of their international distribution documentation.

The team is renowned for its expertise in litigation and handles the settlement of international commercial disputes (private international law and domestic and international commercial arbitration).

Bénédict Vidal is a highly respected specialist in business law, contract law and distribution law, and in particular in the law of trade fairs and exhibitions, a niche area in which he is a recognized expert. Under his direction, the firm – which has developed and maintained an expertise in this area over 15 years – has intervened in several rapprochement exercises between the organizers of trade fairs and exhibition centres as well as sales and book building in this sector.