Swedish law

Carler France was the first legal firm of Swedish origin to set up in France in 1973. Now independent, Carler France maintains very close ties with the 15 lawyers at Carler Sweden.

Since 1973, Carler France has advised over 140 Scandinavian companies in France and many French companies operating in Northern Europe.

Involved transnationally both in arbitration and commercial disputes and in the implementation of the tax treaty between France and Sweden, the establishment of distribution networks, the breaking up of established commercial relationships, acquisition/disposal of companies, detachment or expatriation of employees, areas in which Carler France has recently assisted its clients include:

  • Takeover by a French geolocation group of a Swedish competitor
  • Sale of a branch of a Swedish oil exploration group
  • Breaking up of an established commercial relationship between a champagne group and its Swedish distributor
  • Arbitration for a Swedish paint-manufacturing group in a dispute with a French shipyard

For more information, see the Carler Sweden website.