Labour law / Health and Safety

Our lawyers in the labour law department provide assistance to business clients (particularly the subsidiaries of foreign groups), non-profit bodies and local authorities in every aspect of employment law and social protection:

  • Companies’ strategic and economic growth (buyouts, restructurings etc.)
  • Health and safety at work (accidents at work, work-related illnesses, psycho-social risks etc.)
  • European employment law and international institutions
  • Private insurance cover
  • Employee benefits (company pension schemes, savings schemes, profit-sharing schemes etc.)
  • Statutes in public/private employment law
  • Discrimination/criminal law at work, information and communication technologies and employment law.

Carler assists its clients using an effective and pragmatic approach, based on a genuine partnership: all the lawyers in the Labour Law department offer both advice and assistance in litigation, thus providing accurate risk assessment.

In addition, they work in close, cross-disciplinary collaboration with lawyers from other departments at the firm, enabling comprehensive solutions that closely match the client’s interests.

In all areas of its work, the Employment Law department defends its clients’ interests before any type of court:

  • Tribunals for individual disputes
  • High court for disputes of a collective nature
  • District courts for electoral disputes
  • Social security tribunals for disputes with social security providers and cases of accidents at work and work-related illnesses
  • Disability claims tribunals, in partnership with a medical expert
  • Administrative tribunals for cases linked to protected salaries and persons governed by public law
  • Criminal courts for criminal litigation
  • In the event of an appeal, assistance and representation before higher courts

Health and Safety at Work

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